RequestMatcherInterface RequestMatcherInterface is an interface for strategies to match a Request.


AcceptHeader Represents an Accept-* header.
AcceptHeaderItem Represents an Accept-* header item.
ApacheRequest Request represents an HTTP request from an Apache server.
BinaryFileResponse BinaryFileResponse represents an HTTP response delivering a file.
Cookie Represents a cookie.
ExpressionRequestMatcher ExpressionRequestMatcher uses an expression to match a Request.
FileBag FileBag is a container for uploaded files.
HeaderBag HeaderBag is a container for HTTP headers.
IpUtils Http utility functions.
JsonResponse Response represents an HTTP response in JSON format.
ParameterBag ParameterBag is a container for key/value pairs.
RedirectResponse RedirectResponse represents an HTTP response doing a redirect.
Request Request represents an HTTP request.
RequestMatcher RequestMatcher compares a pre-defined set of checks against a Request instance.
RequestStack Request stack that controls the lifecycle of requests.
Response Response represents an HTTP response.
ResponseHeaderBag ResponseHeaderBag is a container for Response HTTP headers.
ServerBag ServerBag is a container for HTTP headers from the $_SERVER variable.
StreamedResponse StreamedResponse represents a streamed HTTP response.