Cache Interface for cache drivers.
ClearableCache Interface for cache that can be flushed.
FlushableCache Interface for cache that can be flushed.
MultiGetCache Interface for cache drivers that allows to get many items at once.


ApcCache APC cache provider.
ArrayCache Array cache driver.
CacheProvider Base class for cache provider implementations.
ChainCache Cache provider that allows to easily chain multiple cache providers
CouchbaseCache Couchbase cache provider.
FileCache Base file cache driver.
FilesystemCache Filesystem cache driver.
MemcacheCache Memcache cache provider.
MemcachedCache Memcached cache provider.
MongoDBCache MongoDB cache provider.
PhpFileCache Php file cache driver.
PredisCache Predis cache provider.
RedisCache Redis cache provider.
RiakCache Riak cache provider.
SQLite3Cache SQLite3 cache provider.
VoidCache Void cache driver. The cache could be of use in tests where you don`t need to cache anything.
WinCacheCache WinCache cache provider.
XcacheCache Xcache cache driver.
ZendDataCache Zend Data Cache cache driver.